We offer over 2,000 granite and quartz remnants !

Our exclusive granite and quartz remnants sale
starts from $26 per ft2

Check our remnants for unique touches of your living space! Granite or quartz vanity tops, fireplace frames, thresholds and shower seats will bring character in your home.


  • Precision digital waterjet CNC manufacture for an amazing look and feel
  • Eased edge profiles for smooth transition

Does not include:

  • Professional measurement is not included. The fee for this service is set at additional $100 (adjust price)
  • Professional installation is not included. The fee for this service is set at additional $200 (adjust price)

How our Remnants Ordering Process Works:


1. Choose your remnant

Check which spots in your house can use a little refurbishment and decide on the tones you’d go with. Then, review and choose the remnant you prefer from our extensive selection.


2. Send Us a Request

Once you have your remnant selected, get in touch with us and send us all the details on your small project through our website or call us at 847 – 258 – 4313


3. Pick Up

Drop by our office at the appointed time to collect your beautifully manufactured and fully finished product, ready to be installed.

Remnants FAQ

As Granite & Stone Leaders, we are famous for professionally manufacturing, measuring, cutting and installing a huge amount of natural and fabricated stone countertops in your kitchens and bathrooms, every day. Naturally, all of this business leaves us with unused high quality granite and quartz remnants.

Granite and quartz remnants are always a smart, eco-friendly and cost effective choice, in case you are finishing up on your refurbishment with small home touches, like adding vanity tops, fireplace frames or islands. We have a large amount of natural and fabricated stone leftover material in stock, ready for you to choose from.

What are granite and quartz remnants?

Once we manufacture each piece for the planned installation, or once a construction project is fully done, all of the leftover pieces are collected. Basically, these are partial slabs with most random sizes that cannot be used in large projects. Such random and partial slabs are called stone remnants. This means that stone remnants are leftover pieces after the cutting of large granite or quartz slabs for different refurbishing purposes. The name of each remnant comes from the material from which it was made – granite remnants come from granite slabs while quartz remnants come from quartz slabs.

How can I use granite and quartz remnants?

It is important to know that all natural stone installations within your home are definitely a smart investment, most because they can eventually increase the value of your home. They are durable, very easy to maintain, and being naturally beautiful they add a luxury look within your home. All stones involved in the creation of natural stone installations take thousands of years to naturally form. Hence, the extraction, manufacturing, and installation of stone products is dealt with care, in order to create the least amount of waste possible. After the manufacture of the stone products, leftover materials that are sufficiently large in size, but are way too small for use in countertops still remain. These materials are called stone remnants. If you use these remnants creatively around the home, they can truly showcase the luxury of natural stone combined with modern, urban living, while available at limited cost. Remnants are a great way to add class, distinction and taste to your home without emptying out your pocketbook.

How can granite and quartz remnants save my budget?

Full size slabs of granite or quartz for countertops manufacture and other large projects can be quite expensive. Homeowners tend to pay between $30 and $70 per square foot for granite slabs for countertops, which ultimately leads to an average cost of $1,300 to $3,500 for an entire granite countertop installation project. Quartz installations however, depending on the quality, tend to cost homeowners between $40 and $80 per square foot of quartz slabs, which could amount to a total average cost of $1,600 to $4,000 for quartz countertop installation. Such expensive installations are more affordable in cases when remnants are used, since they cost up to 75% less per square foot than stone slabs. Their prices start from $26 per square foot for granite remnants and from $29 per square foot for quartz remnants. (adjust prices accordingly)

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